Having people with different nationalities in my family, I consider myself as a lucky child who had the chance to grow up in a multi-cultural environment which made me appreciate and embrace the beauty and challenges of cultural diversity. In my journey from school to university, I was involved in numerous school activities, to mention a few: cultural-exchange with French students in Lyon during high school, Bachelor Degree research program in Native American Literature at Northern Arizona University, Italian Finals of the Chinese Bridge Competition for University students. Having studied English since the age of 4, I was able to pass with merit the TRINITY Level 12 English Examination (C2 Level) by the age of 17 which allowed me to apply for the legal-translation entrance examination and get admitted to work as the youngest translator to date in the Court of Pisa. In 2014 I was granted the Confucius Institute Scholarship for an intensive Chinese language and culture program in Chongqing University. Traveling to different countries and getting in touch with other cultures and traditions is one of things which I like most, but I got blindsided by the vast opportunities knowing another language could do. In November 2017 I attended as delegate the 1st International Youth Summit in Lahore, Pakistan; this experience introduced me to the beauty of this country and made me eager to learn more about it and hopefully enhance in the years to come a trilateral cooperation between Pakistan, China and my home country..